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Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) in our cryosauna involves extreme cold temperatures on the skin.  

It triggers the body’s natural fight-or-flight response in a safe, controlled environment.  It’s safe because the body’s core temperature remains constant during the three-minute procedure.  The health benefits are amazing.  It’s like pushing the reset button on all systems of the body, reprogramming the body’s circulatory, immune, endocrine and nervous systems.  The health benefits include improved circulation, hormonal balance, immune response, metabolism, and nervous tone.

Cryotherapy Origins

The word “Cryotherapy” is derived from the Greek words “kryos”- cold – and “therapy”- cure. It is a branch of physical therapy that includes methods of treatment based on the use of cold as a physical factor. The cryotherapy treatment process involves the lowering the body surface temperature from around 90°F to around 32°F for 2-3 minutes. This hyper-cooled environment is achieved using liquid nitrogen gas. Liquid nitrogen gas surrounds the body at 150-320°F (140-160°C).

The use of whole body cryotherapy (WBC) began in 1981, when Japanese rheumatologist Tomiso Yamauchi successfully used it to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, it has been used successfully in a wide range of applications.  For example, it has helped in post-surgical recovery, inflammatory conditions, recovery from injury, athletic performance, and many other acute and chronic health conditions. It is now the preferred recovery method for many professional sports clubs. WBC is also in high demand to treat autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc.  It has also helped improve quality of life for persons suffering from anxiety and depression. 

WBC is a unique therapy.

What to expect?

Inside the cryosauna, your whole body is exposed to cold temperatures for 2-3 minutes, causing the blood to rush to the core to protect the internal organs. After you exit the cryosauna, blood that is super-charged with hormones and oxygen flows to the extremities, improving circulation and cellular function. This has the effect of improving recovery of damaged tissue. Metabolic rate rises and remains elevated after the cryo-session, helping the body to burn more calories and improving fat metabolism. As an added bonus, the body releases endorphins and opioids, making you feel good after a session and improving your overall sense of well being. Another benefit is that a WBC session triggers the central nervous system to run a scan of the body to determine the origin of what it perceives to be a non-specific fight-or-flight trigger. In the process, the body conducts what might be called a “repair and reset” operation that has a multitude of potential health benefits. 


  • Rheumatoid  Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia 
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Increases Blood Circulation.
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases Libido
  • Quicker Surgical Recovery
  • Increases Lymphatic Draining

  • Reduces the appearance of Cellulite
  • Triggers of your Collagen production
  • Increases Weight-Loss & Metabolism
  • Decreases overall swelling
  •  Increases Anti-Aging
  • Reduces the Pores & Fine Lines
  • Improves Skin Blemishes & Scars
  • Assists in treatment of Psoriasis & Eczema/Dermatitis


  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Allows immediate post-therapy sports activity
  •  Reduce Muscle Soreness, & Stiffness
  •  Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • Improves Range of Motion
  • Increases Energy & Peak Athletic Performance
  • Improves Energy & Release Endorphins
  • Improves muscle strength and joint function
  • Accelerates Muscle Recovery
  • Increases Muscle Stamina
  • Decreases Fatigue


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