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How Cryotherapy Works

By vitahealth

August 27, 2021

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Cryotherapy works due to the unique capabilities of the central nervous system (CNS) to adapt in the presence of signaling from cold receptors in the skin.  There are over 40,000 cold receptors located in the skin.  They track decreases in temperature and signal “terminal” hypothermia that presents a threat to the health of the organism. 

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) super cools the maximum possible area of the skin to a level close to -2º C (28.4º F).  The use of liquid nitrogen with a temperature below -130º C (-202º F) allows us to achieve this result in about 180 seconds.  Because the exposure to cold is so brief, the decrease in skin temperature does not extend deeper than 4 mm (0.157 inches).  Therefore, it does not affect the temperature of subcutaneous fat tissue or internal organs, making the procedure entirely safe.  (Note: our cryotherapy sessions never exceed three minutes in duration.)

During a cryotherapy session, the CNS receives a powerful alarm signal from the skin’s cold receptors.  But this signal is no longer confirmed after the end of the session.  Consequently, the nature or root cause of the alarm signal is unclear to the brain and CNS.  In this situation, the CNS checks the state of the whole body for compliance with the physiological norm.

This CNS testing provides a unique therapeutic effect of autocorrecting disorders in all body systems.  The CNS detects and compensates for these disorders.  For this reason, cryotherapy treats a broad spectrum of disorders and even multiple concurrent disorders.  This includes pain, hormonal imbalances, immune disorders, skin disorders, weight loss, detoxification, etc.

When using the proper cryotherapy equipment and treatment parameters like the ones we use at Vita-Health, during a treatment session the blood rushes from the outer tissues to the core.  Immediately after the session, the skin begins to function at its maximal metabolic capability. Within five minutes, the skin temperature increases by about 5º C.  This is seen as redness of the skin, which is a consequence of increased blood circulation.  This increased circulation, together with the CNS’s testing for compliance with the physiological norm, results in a variety of health and esthetic benefits for the skin and the correction of dermatologic disorders.

Let us know if you want more information on how we offer WBC treatments here at Vita-Health!


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