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Oxidative Stress Is Good For You!

By vitahealth

December 21, 2020

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Oxidative Stress Is Good For You!  (That’s a Key Reason Why Ozone Therapy Works)

Oxidative stress has gotten a bad rap.  Yes, it can indeed be harmful to the body, causing damage to vital tissues.  But small amounts of oxidative stress can induce a healing response that makes you stronger.

Oxidative stress is everywhere.  The examples are too numerous to list: emotional stress, environmental toxins, disease, etc.  Even normal exercise causes oxidative stress!  The key to why exercise, in the right amount, is good for you lies in the body’s response to the stress induced by exercise.  Too much exercise can make the body weaker.  But the right amount of exercise causes a conditioning response in which the body becomes stronger.  As the German philosopher Nietsche put it, “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Ozone therapy works similarly.  

It’s all in the dosage.  Too large a dose of ozone (like too much exercise) can be harmful to the body.  However, used in the right doses, ozone therapy produces a conditioning response that makes the body stronger.  Ozone is oxidative.  When introduced into the bloodstream in the appropriate dose, ozone provokes an anti-oxidant response.  Ozone is better than just taking anti-oxidant supplements because it promotes the body’s antioxidant response.  The result is an anti-aging, regenerative response in which the body’s anti-oxidant capacity becomes stronger, allowing the body to more effectively counter the effects of oxidative stress.

We recommend a regiment of 10-15 sessions of systemic ozone therapy, such as major autohemotherapy or ozonated IV saline treatment.  This type of regiment is needed to achieve the conditioning response that ozone therapy is capable of delivering.  It’s similar to how repeated exercise sessions are needed to get the benefits of exercise.

Ozone therapy also modulates the immune system, improves metabolism, improves oxygen utilization, has anti-microbial properties, reduces pain and inflammation when used locally, and has other health benefits.

It is used for a wide variety of health issues.

If you are contemplating ozone therapy, we recommend consulting with a qualified health care practitioner who is trained in the proper dosages and methods of administration to use in different situations and for different patients to meet their individualized needs.

At Vita-Health we offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if ozone therapy is right for your particular health care situation.  


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