January 9


Say Goodbye to New Year’s Resolutions

By vitahealth

January 9, 2020

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It’s that time of the season where we reflect on our past experience and plan for the incoming year. New Year’s resolution is such a big topic of discussion during this time of the year that it is the only thing media outlets report outside of the news cycle. From NBC, Fox News, CBS and local news stations to websites and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter- all have flooded us with content having to do with the top New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

“How to use nunchi, a Korean ‘superpower,’ to achieve your New Year’s resolution,” is a recent headline of an NBC News story. The article talks about the Korean concept of ‘nunchi,’ and references a book that advises how to develop this “superpower that can help you in any situation… whether it be landing that job or helping you win more friends. It’s a heightened form of emotional intelligence and social awareness.”

“Half of America will be obese within 10 years, study says unless we work together,” reads a CNN headline.  

Some of the top New Year’s resolutions include losing weighting/ going on a diet, quitting cigarettes, relationships/ getting married, healthier eating, going to the gym and interestingly enough, one of the most popular resolutions include the goal of actually doing New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are promises that carried over to the following year. Instead of stressing over New Year’s resolutions, we recommend you set daily goals. These daily goals should be small accomplishments that lead up to bigger goals. You can start by simply writing them down and making a list of the small steps you will need to take to achieve them.  Some experts suggest even adding the expected obstacles in those details.

The key thing to remember is that we naturally make promises to ourselves daily. Concentrate on accomplishing small tasks that lead up to bigger goals. Keep yourself on track by making a to-do list. Most people do not accomplish everything that’s on their to-do list and some of those tasks get carried over into the following day. As long as you make a continuous effort to improve, then you should see that your goals are on their way to being accomplished, so say goodbye to New Year’s resolutions and welcome daily goals into your life.


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